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Lingam is a Sanskrit name for the male gender, so it is a massage of male genital organ. Lingam massage is not intended to achieve climax. The aim of this massage is to let the energy flow and to gain new energy. Climax, ejaculation is a result of absolute relaxation.

During this massage you will experience new and unknown sensations. It will help you to remove a lot of blocks from yourself, which each of us create during sexual life and which prevents us from enjoying the sexual energy in its nature. The main benefit is the total harmonization of sexual energy centers and regeneration of genitals.

We recommend you to combine Lingam massage with other massage programs, such as: Tantric ritual for men, Mutual tantra massage, Four-handed massage, NURU massage, Aromatherapy massage, Tantra massage for couples.

How is the solo Lingam massage being performed?

Massage can be ordered separately. During the solo Lingam massage the masseuse pays attention mainly to the area of your genitalia, for 45 minutes. The massage begins by tuning your frequency of breath to the masseuse’s. Masseuse relaxes the body with oil massage of your back, and from the front too. Special attention is paid to the abdomen, hips and inner thighs.

The massage is very tender, gentle, and masseuse’s touches are very slow and full of sexual energy. There is a rule that you himself can determine to what depth of pleasure you want to go, which helps with the continuous and opening and healing of yourself. The achievement of ejaculation is not necessary. You can stop this massage at any time. The most important thing is your comfort and the path to pleasure.

After the massage is over, there is a time for relaxation. Masseuse gives you time needed for relaxation of mind and slow return to reality.

*Lingam massage is being performed by a masseuse in sarong. The client is only recipient of the massage and does not touch the masseuse.

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