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Touching plays an irreplaceable role in people’s lives. The intention of Tantric ritual is to spark and generate energy in the body by touching and launch processes yet unknown. Tantra works with sexual energy as the basic life essence from which life is created. Touch your bodies, hearts and souls. Experience the adventure of sharing energy. Treat yourself maximum excitement to a level so far unknown.

Tantra massage is primarily about loving touches. Their aim is to bring the recipient into a state of total relaxation. This condition allows to feel energized power very effectively. The body receives sensory impulses more intense – the gentle touch can literally cause a storm in the body. During the massage long-restrained energies or blocks on a physical and emotional level can be released. The process of tantric massage is therefore beneficial not only for the body but also the soul.

How is Tantric ritual for men performed?

Massage starts with an initial conversation with the masseuse. Then there is an opportunity to express your desires and ideas about the massage. This short interview is designed to open up for tantric massage. At the beginning masseuse guides the client to correct breathing during massage, which it is essential to the smooth flow of energy stored throughout the body during arousal.

Tantric ritual begins with the greeting Namaste while standing. Then, the client lies down on his stomach facing the mat and the masseuse begins massage. The Tantric massage uses a number of techniques. Every masseuse in this section uses its own procedure and procedures of individual masseuses may not always be the same. The basis is to launch a waves of energy.

Massage during the ritual has the following steps:

Gentle caress through sarong. EXIT massage, which reduces stress from the body. Heating the body and body wash with hot towels, followed by drying and smoothing over sarong. Pampering body through tantric gloves and pens to increase sensitivity and achieve a better sense of touch.  Final step in this phase of the ritual is a favorite oil massage. Masseuse performs relaxation-releasing oil body massage. Massage intensity is moderate pressure on the muscles. The final step is to work towards a climax energy in the form of lingam massage. Masseuse goes smoothly from the oil body massage to intimate parts and massage is dedicated to lingam. Climax, ejaculation is the result of absolute relaxation.

After the end of the massage relaxation is needed. Masseuse leaves you a few minutes to absorb a pleasant experience and unwind after a climax in the massage room. Your mind needs to slowly return into reality.

*Tantric ritual for men masseuse performs dressed in a sarong. During the massage the client only receives massage and does not touch the masseuse.

Extra fee options:

Prostate massage:

The extra charge is € 50 for 20 minutes. (the massage is extended for this time)

Prostate massage is an erotic massage, during which masseuse stimulates male prostate through the anus. We would like to ensure clients who want to undergo this massage for the first time that there is no need to worry. Masseuse performs massage very gently and approaches each client individually. Your comfort is most important.

This massage is for men, who want to expand their sexual experiences and at the same time do something for their health. Prostate massage is recommended prevention of the most frequent cancer of men. It helps to restore erectile function and build greater control of erection.

More about how prostate massage proceeds HERE.

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