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Prostate massage is an erotic massage, through which masseuse stimulates male prostate through the anus. We would like to assure clients who undergo this massage for the first time that there is no need to worry. Massage is done very gently and each client is approached individually. Your comfort is the most important thing for us.

This massage is designed for men who want to expand their sexual experience and to do something for their health at the same time. Prostate massage is recommended also as a prevention from the most common cancer among men. It helps to restore erectile functions and to build greater control of erection.

*This massage is being performed by a masseuse in sarong. The client is only recipient of the massage and does not touch the masseuse.

How is Prostate massage performed?

At the beginning masseuse performs relaxing hips and back muscles massage and continues to thighs, while paying extra attention to area around the inner thighs. When the masseuse feels that your muscles in this area are relaxed, smoothly proceeds to your anus. The masseuse inserts her index finger into your anus using a circular movement and helps the stiff muscles to relax. For absolute comfort during this massage masseuse uses lubricant specifically indented for anal use. Your arousal shall be deepened and any unpleasant feelings shall be removed.

After insertion of the index finger into the area where the male prostate gland is located, masseuse intensifies the pressure not only on the prostate, but also on the nerve endings surrounding it. The achievement of orgasm is individual and depends on the degree of relaxation. Regular massage intensifies the feeling and helps better blood circulation and thus more sensitivity to stimulation.

Orgasm achieved during prostate massage is due to its intensity being compared to female orgasm and therefore the prostate is often popularly called “male G-spot.” The energy that passes through your body is very intense and using correct breathing technique masseuse will guide you how to handle this energy and how to enjoy it.

For many men, this massage an unforgettable experience.

Prostate massage is rather a complementary massage and we recommend to combine it with other massage programs such as: Tantric ritual for men, Four-handed tantra massage, NURU massage, Aromatherapy massage, Tantric massage for couples.

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