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Are you looking for something special? If you are an enthusiast of luxurious massages a program called Royal tantric ritual will bring you the maximum satisfaction. We offer you a luxurious and unforgettable tantric massage inspired by the Orient. Royal tantric ritual shall satisfy even the most demanding massage voluptuaries.

Close your eyes. From afar gracious tones of music come to you. Smell of aphrodisiac oils excites your senses. Hear the gentle rustle of satin clothing and silent steps leading closer and closer to you. Feel tempting promise of adventure. Gentle hands lightly touching your chest and begin to examine your skin centimeter by centimeter. The sudden feeling of arousal causes goosebumps all over your body. Only hear quick breaths and beating of your heart caused by the promise of oncoming pleasure, tenderness and sensual caress. Welcome and be the King of the Tantric Temple of Love and let yourself be guided by your tantric guide through mystery of Tantra!

Enjoy the best of the best! Let us spoil you with tenderness and sensuality as a King!

The price of the massage program includes:

Ritual cleansing of the body
2x lingam massage
Body-to-body oil massage
0.75 l Moët & Chandon
Evian mineral water
hot Belgian chocolate brands Callebaut
bowl of fresh fruit (strawberries, grapes, blueberries, raspberries …)

How is ROYAL TANTRIC RITUAL performed?

Massage starts with an initial conversation with the masseuse. Then there is an opportunity to express your desires and ideas about the massage. This short interview is designed to open up for tantric massage, to get to know each other and to lift the tension and fear of the unknown eventually. At the beginning masseuse guides the client to correct breathing during massage, which it is essential for the smooth flow of stored energy throughout the body during arousal.

Afterwards you will be led by a masseuse to the bathroom and she will ritually wash your body using fine towel dipped in lavender lotion. The masseuse gently touches your body, slowly inducing state of arousal. Special care is devoted to intimate parts and lingam massage in particular. At this stage, first climax can be reached. The massage is intense and a form of pressure release is desired usually.

From the bathroom you will move to the massage room. The main ritual begins with the greeting Namaste while standing.  Then you lie down on your stomach facing the mat. On the mat, you can lie however you want, your overall comfort is most important. You can close your eyes and dive into the world of relaxation. Subsequently masseuse starts with the massage. The Tantric massage knows a number of techniques. Each masseuse uses her own techniques. The essential is to launch waves of energy and to achieve absolute relaxation of body and mind.

Massages during main phase of the ritual has the following steps:

Gentle caress through sarong. EXIT massage used to get rid of tension from the body. Heating up and washing of the body with hot towels, followed by drying and smoothing over sarong. Spoiling of the body with tantric gloves and quills to increase sensitivity and achieve a better sense of touch. Final step in this phase is a popular ritual oil massage.

Masseuse performs relaxing and releasing oil massage of the entire body. Massage intensity is characteristic with moderate pressure applied on muscles. Masseuse pours warm oil on your body, especially on the breast and belly area and rubs the oil using her body all over your body. During the oil phase of the massage a lot of energy flows between the masseuse and the you. Warm bodies rub against each other and the excitement is graduating. You have a luxurious view on the masseuse´s curves glistened with oil.

The last step is to again reach a climax energy using of lingam massage. Masseuse goes smoothly from the oil body massage to intimate parts and massage is dedicated to lingam. The aim of this massage is to let the energy flow and also to help you refill it. Climax, ejaculation is the result of absolute relaxation.

After the end of the massage is relaxation needed. Masseuse leaves you a few minutes to absorb a pleasant experience and unwind after a climax in the massage room. Your mind needs to slowly return into reality.

*Royal tantric ritual is performed by masseuse wearing sarong during the Namaste greeting. During the massage itself masseuse undresses and is totally naked. At the oil phase of the masseuse, client touches the masseuse and is both recipient and provider of massage.

Extra fee options:

Prostate massage:

The extra charge is € 50 for 20 minutes. (the massage is extended for this time)

Prostate massage is an erotic massage, during which masseuse stimulates male prostate through the anus. We would like to ensure clients who want to undergo this massage for the first time that there is no need to worry. Masseuse performs massage very gently and approaches each client individually. Your comfort is most important.

This massage is for men, who want to expand their sexual experiences and at the same time do something for their health. Prostate massage is recommended prevention of the most frequent cancer of men. It helps to restore erectile function and build greater control of erection.

More about how prostate massage proceeds HERE.

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