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Four-handed tantra massage is performed by two masseuses at the same time. During this massage aromatic oils are used and massage techniques are performed synchronously by both masseuses.

Already pleasant body care which massage undoubtedly is intensified and the pleasure doubled due to synchronous massage techniques performed in a harmony.

This type of massage is offered by only a few studios, because it is difficult for masseuses to be able to coordinate with each other to perform the massage in harmonious accord. We have achieved this and synchronous four-hand massage thus becomes a double pleasure.

Four-hand massage is based on a combination of elements of Tantric ritual for men or Tantric ritual for women and Aromatherapy massage.

How is Four-handed tantra massage performed?

Massage starts with an initial conversation with the masseuse. Then there is an opportunity to express your desires and ideas about the massage. This short interview is designed to open up for tantric massage, to get to know each other and to lift the tension and fear of the unknown eventually. At the beginning masseuse guides the client to correct breathing during massage, which it is essential for the smooth flow of stored energy throughout the body during arousal.

Tantric ritual begins with the greeting Namaste while standing. Then the you lie down on your stomach facing the mat and the masseuse begins massage. The tantric massage uses a number of techniques. Every masseuse in this section uses her and therefore the procedure may not always be the same. The basis is to launch waves of energy, help the body to relax and reach the energetic climax using lingam and joni massage.

Finally, after the massage a relaxation is recommended. Masseuse leaves you a few minutes to absorb a pleasant experience and unwind after climax in massage room. Your mind needs to return to reality slowly.

Price list:

45 min./160 € (two girls)

60 min./210 € (two girls)

90 min./280 € (two girls)

120 min./320 € (two girls)

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