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This massage has a positive effect on the mental and physical functions, harmony and causes self-healing processes in the body to initialize. Aromatherapy is an exclusive therapy proven in practice and is one of the oldest massage techniques in the world.

Masseuse shrouded in a transparent sarong pampers you with fine touches and scents every bit of your body. You can delight in the pleasure of massage and enjoy a pleasant fragrance in combination with mentally and physically releasing salutary touches.

While performing aromatherapy massage a high quality organic essential oils are used.  Before the massage masseuse will ask you a few questions about your health, physical limitations or any allergies to various natural ingredients. She will also help you to choose a combination of essential oils according to your preferences.

Through the aromatherapy massage we can adjust your state of mind. The aim of the massage is to ensure that you leave us not only physically relaxed and satisfied, but aromatherapy massage has a main task to achieve a sense of psychical bliss. Our mission is for you to leave our studio with smile on your face.

Silica oils, otherwise known as essential oils are intensely fragrant natural substances. They have strong therapeutic effects and are widely used in perfumery, in aromatherapy.

In our studio these aroma programs are available:

Lavender tantra massage

Gentle oil massage with the addition of lavender essential essences have antiseptic effects and calms down the nervous system, lowers blood pressure and counteracts stress.

Citrus tantra massage

Fresh and invigorating smell of citrus mix scents both bodies of you and masseuse. It calms down the nervous system and stimulates it at the same time. Citrus scent is convenient for neck pain or migraine.

If you are having a hectic day and you need to stop for a moment, this massage is just for you. Citrus oils and massage encourages you to regain your energy for the rest of a busy day. It is good also as a morning massage.

Tantric-aroma gentleman

Earthy and spicy oil fragrance is designed exclusively for men. Tantric masseuse will prepare you a mix of essential oils with the touch of male element. Masseuse will help you select intensity and combination of flavors before start of the Tantric ritual. During the massage you will feel your masculinity intensified by the fragrance of patchouli, bergamot, cedar, rosemary, citrus.

* Aromatherapy massage is performed by a masseuse in a sarong. During the massage, the client is only recipient of the massage and does not touch the masseuse. This massage does not include massage of intimate parts, but it is possible to pay extra for that.

Prostate massage

The extra charge is € 50 for 20 minutes. (the massage is extended for this time)

Prostate massage is an erotic massage, during which masseuse stimulates male prostate through the anus. We would like to ensure clients who want to undergo this massage for the first time that there is no need to worry. Masseuse performs massage very gently and approaches each client individually. Your comfort is most important.

This massage is for men, who want to expand their sexual experiences and at the same time do something for their health. Prostate massage is recommended prevention of the most frequent cancer of men. It helps to restore erectile function and build greater control of erection.

More about how prostate massage proceeds HERE.

Lingam massage

The extra charge is € 50 for 20 minutes. (the massage is extended for this time)

Lingam is a Sanskrit name for the male gender, so it is a massage of male genital organ. Lingam massage is not intended to achieve climax. The aim of this massage is to let the energy flow and to gain new energy. Climax, ejaculation is a result of absolute relaxation.

During this massage you will experience new and unknown sensations. It will help you to remove a lot of blocks from yourself, which each of us create during sexual life and which prevents us from enjoying the sexual energy in its nature. The main benefit is the total harmonization of sexual energy centers and regeneration of genitals.

More about how lingam massage proceeds HERE.

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